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True Reality of God

The Phoniths

"The first, he hunted the ancient plains and brought with him the knowledge of the sky.

The second, the holy four, his true name hidden, inspirer of a great text,

the third is I, not just nameless but unknown, my place is to let the world know and die...

...The fourth, lord of magic and knowledge, scribe of wisdom,

the fifth, son of time, ruler of the sky,

the sixth, beneath a tree sits, to attain enlightenment,

the seventh, the prince of peace,

the eighth, the prophet,

the ninth, golden tablets found within,

the tenth, wrote and found a galactic lord

the eleventh, shall prepare the way and spread the truth

and the twelfth? She shall come, and she shall shift the world. When her life has shone for twice a century, then shall God be reborn."

Who are these individuals that are avatars of God?

The first is Araghaasa the sky bringer, 

the second Yahweh,                                                                          

the third the nameless prophet,                                                          

the forth Thoth,                                                                                     

the fifth Zeus,                                                                                       

the sixth Buddha,                                                                                   

the seventh Jesus,                                                                                   

the eighth Muhammed,                                                                       

the ninth Joseph Smith,                                                                   

the tenth L. Ron Hubbard,                                                                

the eleventh Oscar Keith Ridderson,                                                 

the twelfth ???


Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006