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True Reality of God


There are many, many sacred texts important to my religion, and all have some validity. In fact most religious texts you could name are relevant. The most important are any texts asociated with a God Phonith, such as the Bible or the koran.
Most important of all however, are three separate writings now only found in the outer dimensions.
The Sakt Discs
The Sakt discs of the temple in Vergeresth are a collection of writings and histories by the most revered thelogians, prophets and philosophers of the inner dimentions. Within these 200 spirit discs lie the great truths of the multiverse. It is said that once there were 201 discs, but one containing a great and powerful secret is lost, in addition, disc 34, the book of Tresthia is incomplete. According to the nameless prophecies the twelth phonith will be the one who restores the missing part and disc. 
"For in a great temple shall the works of the spirit dwell, awaiting those who need it."
Sarequaas 23, Sakt Discs
The Phophesy of the Nameless Phonith (the Nameless Prophecy)
The single purpose of the nameless Phonith was to write this text. Though writern on earth, the text was seemingly destroyed soon after and forgotten. However, the Third Phoniths loyal servant, Zer geragh a human of Phonith ancestry kept the original with him and, when he perished within the outer planes, it was entombed with his remains, though originally material, they were purified, the evil removed until they became spirit replicas in the tomb. (Interestingly, it is rumored that Zer geragh was in fact the third Phonith himself.)  There it remained, until I found it on my spiritual travels. And began the process of translating it from the ancient human language still preserved in spirit form. It is a record of the twelve phoniths, the deeds they will achieve and there purpose in reuniting the shards of God.
"the eleventh shall go forth and spend the knowledge of the truth, even  those who reject God utterly shall follow.
-The Prophecy of the Nameless Phonith
The Nocricarios
Little is known obout this work, believed to have been written by a phonithian driven mad by staring into the unfathomable depths of God. Though incoherent, it contains great knowledge of the future, and great spritiual truths. I have only ever seen copies of it, the original has never been found.
"All ways we pass,
we continue towards the light,
eternal, for ever we last,
the weeping of the universe
shall cease by their might."
Passage from the Nocricarios, believed to relate to the healing times.

Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006