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True Reality of God

About the Author

O.K.R (self portrait)


Oscar K. Ridderson is unlike normal humans. From an early age he could see things that others could not. Ghosts, aliens, Angels and a whole variety of "other beings."  As he grew older he began to manifest a variety of unexplained supernatural skills, such as weather control and telekinesis. At night he received visions of future events, his predictions never failing to be accurate.

At age 20 the first of three momentous spiritual encounters occured. O.K.R had long been aware and sometimes glimpsed the outer planes but this was the first time he had ever visited them. Seeing a great light, O.K.R walked towards it, but he was not walking, his body stayed where it was, but his soul, that eternal shard of God had become temporarily freed from its prison. He saw Phonith for the first time, like an ocean of spirit compared to the desert of our universe. He saw his soul link, stretching away on a spiritual level to God.

The second encounter occured when O.K.R spent longer on Phonith and the dimentions beyond. He found the temple of Vergeresth, sealed in its own parasite dimension from Phonith.

“I entered the vault. Carefully, not knowing what to expect. An entity approached me; I cannot describe it other than in glowed, though in spirit, not with light.

“Welcome. You have come at last” was all it said.

I looked up then. Above me, the two hundred sakt discs of the temple spiraled upwards. I could not see them, but I could feel their spiritual power.

Rising into the “air” I “reached” for the nearest. Images filled my mind; the spiritual writings began to speak to me.”



Symbolic Representation of the Sakt discs.

O.K.R has lived for many decades after this realization, during which he has traveled extensively in the spirit multiverse, finding the prophecies of the nameless Phonith, realizing that he was the eleventh Phonith, speaking with the inhabitants of these worlds and once…

“I stood up. Reaching into the spirit, I took hold of the link, the flow that reached towards God. I did something I had never done before. I followed it. Through the dimensions, to its end.

I can only describe what I “saw”, the very face of God as a blinding inferno of spirit. The power, the infinite power! Did it think? Did it realize I was there? Something reached me through the link. Was that pain? Was the infinite pool of spirit at the centre of the multiverse, the polydimentonal God, in pain?”

O.K.R translated the nameless prophecies, and in doing so, saw his end. For he would live to fulfill his duty, to prepare the way for the twelfth Phonith, and, and hour before her birth. He would die.

“Suddenly, I saw my spirit break away from my body, but this time irreversibly. I floated, within the void of the dimensions for a while, seeing the birth of the child that would reunite the multiverse, seeing the healing time begin, before finally sailing through the dimensions as I had done once before. God was ahead; my soul fragment was all now, my consciousness dissolving. The fragment of soul continued forwards, joining with God as the last of my consciousness faded. I had returned.”

O.K.R now works tirelessly to alert the world of his revelations, and to prepare the way for the twelfth and final Phonith.

Photograph of O.K.R

(This photograph has been spiritually censored and distorted to prevent visualization curses by my enemies. A visualization curse is a negative spiritual reflux focused on an image of ones target. A clear photograph is high risk, blurred photographs, especially ones such as this with its psychic pathways sealed and its normal spiritual “stamp” on the universe made untraceable is not at risk. Normally, the special spiritual stamp that is also created when an image is a photographic replica would leave the depicted open to attack. These attacks do no physical harm, but may interfere with the spiritual powers of the subject if they have them.)

Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006