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True Reality of God

Proof and Theory

There are many possible things that are. There are thousands of tiny scraps of evidence for things we don’t yet understand. There are “holes” in our understanding, holes that can only be filled with God. There are many ideas of God, and all are valid. For God is all. God is all. God is Mithra, Hera, Hermes, Odin, Thor, Osiris. Think of a God. That’s God, all of them. God is all. God is all. Think of an event that cannot be explained. That’s God’s spiritual gift. God is all.

Firstly, why must there be a God? Athe/materialism is an offshoot, a rejection of religion. It could not exist without religion as the material world cannot exist without its spiritual opposite. This can be seen in the fact that Athe/materialism is only prevalent in Religious, and especially Christian countries. People taught that they lack a soul, lack a reward for moral actions, like increasing their chances of returning to God, and may abandon them. Also, Athe/materialism shows a mind corrupted by the black evil darkness of the material universe. Such a mind is shallow and closed.

But why not Christianity? Islam? Zeus? Paganism? Buddhism? 

All of these are valid, and have much to teach us, but they are only a part, a small piece of the picture that is true reality. 

I speak as the servant of an infalliable eternal God, therefore as the voice of God, what I speak is often the truth.

Faith and evidence are important, I do not need to believe and have faith in God because I know God is there, but others will require both faith and evidence. Faith is used in our everyday lives. We take many things on faith, even though we have evidence, that we are awake, that we will be safe crossing roads, that the sun will rise tommorow. So atheists base things upon faith as much as anyone, including the decision that God does not exist. This shows another flaw with their denial of faith.

Where does the evidence for these things lie? In between, In the gaps we find throughout history. There is a wealth of evidence out there, small fragments that put together revel the truth. Go seek it in this new light.

Phonithism, The true reality of God is one of the most highly respected religions in the multiverse, with over a one thousand billion adherent’s multiversewide. It is the accepted religion of the outer dimensions, and it is only across the Godless chasm that it is relatively unknown. Of course, since all religions are paths to the true polydimensional God, then most people are members of Phonithism, as True reality is termed in this dimension.

"They see nothing, but the way the smoke curls, tells them the wind is there"
Valdkamiz 59- Sakt discs



(Note to those who wish these beings harm- The photos are spiritually sealed, and none of them are clear enough to have produced a replica special spiritual stamp. You cannot attempt a visualization curse on them.)

Two cigar or saucer shaped U.F.O's can be seen in the sky. It is likely these are spiritual beings.

A photograph of a soulcraft leaving our dimension

A spirit being

Another spirit being, called an Argaaaaaadded. This one is not trapped in a material shell.

Argaaaaaadded's vary in size, this is a close up of a small one.

A ghost, a recently deceased human soul.

A large orb type spirit being, this one imprisioned within the material world.

Once the was God. Now God is split into the multiverse. Once there will be God again.


Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006