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True Reality of God

Spiritual Travels

Sit down, somewhere you can rest without so that your body will stay where you left it. Reach out, reach out in spirit to your link. Do you have one? It may take practice to feel it. Not everyone can do what I am about to, in fact very few are capable of this. Reach out, reach out along your link, leave your material prison for a while. Can you feel that? No? You wouldn't. That's the dimentional Chasm of nothingness that separates the material universe from the spritual multiverse, but your link... See how it reaches through the darkness, a blazing beacon of light. Follow it, follow the life line. Can you feel that? This is Phonith, the dimention beyond, first of the outer dimentions from the material. It's not pure spirit, those dimentions are further in, but it is a spritual ocean in comparison to our world.
The world of Phonith is the nearest spirit dimention, as such, it is the world where most spiritual biengs who visit the material world come from. It's name is also the term for a prophet of God, or a lesser Phonith (not a God Phonith) who is a human with a strong soul link because a recent ancestor came from Phonith.
Pyramids of pure dimensional/ spiritual energy that are used by some outer dimentional beings and especially those of Phonith as a means of transport to earth. They offer some protection from the corrupting poison of the material. They are sometimes reported as U.F.Os.
The Temple of Vergeresth 
Built from the energy of a parasite dimension from Phonith, the temple serves to house the sakt discs and is protected by the keeper and guardian of the vault. Vergeresth was the entity who in legend created the sakt discs at Gods bidding. 
The Outer Dimensions.
The outermost dimensions still in contact with God. Most have some material composition but all are mainly spirit.
The Inner Dimensions.
Composed almost of pure spirit, these are the dimensions next to God.
The source of all spirit and the supreme entity, cause of the multiverse. God dwells within the centre of all things. 
Now, return with me, there is one last place to visit, our own universe.
The material World.
The material world is formed from the poison that might be resbonsible for the shattering in the first place. It was originally lifeless, however beings of spirit, shards of God we call souls over time were stranded there and developed material prions we call bodies. Upon death, prehaps due to the corrupting power of materialism, some souls shattered further, creating the lower life forms, trees, plants, animals microbes. But even though God cannot directly touch this World, he my reach it through his agents. Greatest of these are the twelve Phoniths, part of Gods plan to reunite itself. Becuse if the demensions are compressed, the Godless void "Satan" may be overcome and God united as one.  

Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006