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True Reality of God

The Other Beings


Dangerous beings from the outer dimensions. They are drawn to the universe because they have a dark addiction to materialism. They are known to kill people, release their souls, and steal their material forms.

Spirit people

The inhabitants of the dimesion of phonith and possibly lifes original, untrapped form. Often termed ghosts, elves or aliens, some visit our dimension and may offer spiritual aid.


Are inhabitants of Phonith or their near decendants upon earth who still have their spirit link with God. Act as prophets and help humans.


From Phonith, these semi material beings often visit the earth in soulcraft, though they are not the only species to do so. Some stranded upon earth in amaterial shell may have become the cyclops of legend.


A peaceful species dedicated to spreading God's truth through the multiverse. They are often give rise to Phoniths and are one species known to take human form and interbreed. I and make others with strong spirit links am recently decended from them, and they may be the original form of life and humans. they are lead by th Phonith Nikksisdss who has great spiritual power. Stranded Ggakacuddiiid are responsible for some of our ideas about aliens.

The keeper of sakt.

Once a Ggakacuddiiid, the keeper is now pure spirit, a god shard soul but unreturned. He has survived innumerable years and will live on until another powerful Ggakacuddiiid volunteers to take his place. 



beings from the inner dimension who are close to god. They are almost pure spirit and are snake like in form. A small population became trapped upon earth where they developed material shells and live in the sea, called sea serpents.





Pure spiritual beings from the inner dimensions, they are very close to God. Some seen on earth gave rise to the idea of winged angels.


Like Ogiiwe however orbs are sperical in nature and often visit our dimension. They are attracted to light sources and electrical objects, so often turn up on digital camera photos when the flash is used. 



God Phoniths

Avatars and instruments of God. Incarnations of Gods spirit, though the twelth will be God itself.  See "the Phoniths" for details.

Lesser Gods

Large and powerful God shards with vast spiritual powers. Many of the Gods of Earth are actually enormous shards of the true God. They dwell in the dimensions, and have been known to answer the prayers of humans on occasions.


The immense pool of spirit at the centre of the multiverse. the infinite and everything. The cause and the solution.

Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006