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True Reality of God


God lies at the centre of the multiverse but is also the multiverse. The dimensions travel outwards from God, with our own the furthest outwards, such as directions have any meaning here. The dimensions nearest to God are the most spiritual, there is no material poison here as such things are repelled by the spiritual nature of God. These are the inner dimensions, and home to beings close to God. Further out are a set of dimentions that are semi material in nature. Though spiritual and still close to God, they are tainted by the evil of materialism. Then comes the godless chasm, where God cannot cross except through the links of lesser shards. Finally comes the material world, where all the material substance was thrown in the shattering of God. God is everything, and everywhere, even the very antithesis of God, the material universe is still God. God is both good and evil, hope and dispair, cruelty and kindness .God is unthinking, but is thought, is the very spiritual essence of life but is dead. God is all, but God shattered. Though God is still all, one day God shall be all again.

God Shattered, is still all, but will be all again.

Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006