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True Reality of God


How can you attain salvation? What is Salvation? Why would you want to?

We are parts of God. Broken shards of the infinite, Souls trapped in the cold dark material world. We are fragments of mirror, God is a mirror, we are broken splinters, but still reflective. But a shadow blocks the light from our surface. The dimensional chasm that separates us from the spirit worlds of God keeps us dulled, unable to connect and go back.

But it can be crossed. In the spirit mind some of us may traverse it. Upon death, freed from material bonds we have a chance to flee, to escape across and reach Phonith, or further. This is easiest is we have a “rope” to climb out with. A soul link, to bring us to God, but even without this it is still possible to climb out. We are trapped in Hell, but a lucky few shall climb to heaven.

Heaven is God, rejoining, making whole. This is what we must strive for. The glory of heaven is infinite, but worth every last divine second. The sooner we get there, the better for us. To get there is uncertain, we must prepare in our life to give us the best chance. That said, the most spiritual man alive may fail, while the hardcore Athe/materialist succeeds. To gain the best chance we must live a spiritual life and strive to gain understanding of the True reality. This way, we will be better prepared for the trip over the void and maybe, within our next lives, gain a spirit link, if we can only manage to reach out and touch Gods hand.

 On that day, the day when the twelfth Phoniths task ends, God shall be united once more. Whole for eternity. Why then should we bother, if we are all saved anyway? Because every second with God counts, and do you not want the world mending?

So what should you do? Share this website with people, bring people to the truth. Spend the word by any means you can. Each person who’s mind is conductive with regards to returning to God, the sooner God shall be reborn.

Copyright- Oscar k. Ridderson 2006