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True Reality of God


The Truth and knowledge of Polydimensional God Reality
Once, there was only God, who is all. God is infinite, and is total. However, in the infinity of God, a disruption occured, God who was total, was split so that now a small part of God, though unnoticed was ripped out. The split was caused by the random fluctuous nature of infinity, and thus God, who is spirit and life gave rise to the other planes, speading out like shells from their origin. The further out these planes the further from God they were, until the outer plane was separated from God entirely, the others still maintaining a conection of strength varying dependant on distance. The outer plane was unspiritual debris, the material world. As it was dead, free of spirit it was evil, for the evil part of God had formed it, without the balance of God, who is both Good and evil in harmony darkness reigned there.
     On the other planes, the planes still in contact with God, there was life. As part of God had shattered, like a broken mirrors shards, life is essentially the same as God, though far inferior to the complete. Upon these planes, the shards of God became spiritual beings, each on the strengh of there pool of spirit. The smallest shards were unthinking, unconcious right up to the biggest, that were almost total Gods themselves. These beings dwelt and lived in God's light, and all was well.
     However, it was only a matter of time before the entities of the planes discovered the outer plane. In time, the visitors were trapped there by the force of the material, and, becoming split from God forgot the truth of spirit.There prison was what we have come to know as the earth for the outer plane is the universe we call home. Trapped in shackles of flesh, the prisoners became subject to the forces of materialism and evolved in time with there cursed home. The shards, though cut from God still had the power to merge and split and upon the temporary freeing from there prison we call death, could split or reform, thus a higher being (such as a human) can become reincarnated as many lower beings (such as plants) and vice versa. Some pools of spirit are fortunate enough to escape the material relm entirely, and begin the planar jouney back to God. To have the best chance of escaping, one must learn of the true reality and become, even while encaged in flesh closer to spirit, then, upon death the way out may be found.




Phonith is the name of the spirit world (as best rendered into English) closest to the material. It is also an extra-dimensional title given to those from that plane who seek to bring enlightenment and truth to lost ones in the material world (phophets of the true poly dimentional God.) A God Phonith is a special Phonith that is also an incarnation of God. There have been eleven God Phoniths so far. The twelth shall be the last.

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